Lee & Eric are E N G A G E D!

AFTER the maternity session earlier today, I waited a bit for Lee and Eric to show up downtown. I worked with Lee for a short time before she left the daycare and moved to be with Eric in another State. They came home for Christmas, and I did their engagement photos! 

Here’s a little preview!



Schmitz Maternity Session!

Today I had the opportunity for my first ever maternity session. Nervous? Oh you betcha. Did I love it? Absolutely! 

Here are a few snapshots 🙂



Baking, Holidays, and Santacon!

So it’s Christmas morning, and I’m SURE you’re wondering why I’m even blogging. 

Why you ask?

My youngest brother comes into my bedroom at 6:58am saying “It’s close enough to 7.” You see, that’s my dads rule. We couldn’t get up earlier than 7 in the morning to open gifts. For me, I’m 24, I’m a little past the I can’t sleep thing, but Taylor apparently is not. 

So, we all had to get up at 7. 

It kills me because the Christmas Magic thing with him is long gone. He hasn’t believed in Santa Claus in forever, but we STILL got up at 7 because he was too excited. The kid didn’t even sleep last night! Not to mention the 20 year old didn’t sleep much either. Me? I talked to AJ while he drove to a friends house, then when he got there we got off the phone and I promptly passed out. 

I guess that makes me old now…

This is E X A C T L Y what coffee is for. Mmmmm, wonderful, glorious coffee. 

With that said, I thought I would share with you my baked treats I made starting at 8pm Sunday night. I’ll include a few links of the recipes I used. Some of the pictures I’ll be showing you are from my cell phone, so they won’t be as good as the ones from my camera. (and this isn’t going to be a step by step. Just random pictures, and not of everything I made.) 

The first item on the list: Starbucks Pumpkin Scones: DELICIOUS. They taste just like the scones from Starbucks, the only difference is they’re not as dense. I used a little more pumpkin puree than the recipe called for, and I altered the spices a tad as well. (a little more never usually hurts, right?) This was my first time making scones, and I couldn’t be more pleased! it was easier than I thought it would be, and they’re pretty stellar in taste. Even my mother liked them and she hates pumpkin! 

Here’s the recipe I used :]


ImageImageImageImageImageAfter the scones were done, it was time to glaze them!



Another item on my bake list I didn’t take pictures of. Why? I’m not entirely sure. But I made Christmas Bark. Bakers semi sweet chocolate, Bakers white chocolate. Melt each in a bowl. Then in either bowl, add dried apricots and dried cranberries and whatever else you want to add. Put dollops on a wax paper lined jellyroll pan, swirl with a knife, and refrigerate until hard. Pure chocolate bliss!

Item #3 Rolo Cookies

Easy, and I have the recipe memorized. All you need for these is a box of fudge cake mix, few tablespoons of water, an egg and a little butter. Mix, put on cookie sheet and bake 8 minutes. Take the cookies out of the oven, put an unwrapped rolo in the center of them, and back in the oven they go for 2 minutes. 

These cookies are chewy, fudgy with caramel rolo goodness. And for some reason I’m the one that has to make these cookies to take over to grandma’s every year. 



Next on the list, (drum roll please) are S’ M O R E S K R I S P I E T R E A T S. 

That’s right. I said it. 

These are nearly as good as the s’mores stuffed chocolate chip cookies. A L M O S T .  


What I love about these the most is they’re picture-esk. They look how they’re supposed to!  And they’re huge. (For these I just took pictures with my cell phone, I was done using my big fancy camera by this point. It was getting late, and I was getting tired.) 



Y U M M O. Rachel Ray definitely has the right words for moments like this. 

Now it’s Christmas! 

Coffee with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows are in my coffee cup. ImageImageImage

The sound of Borderlands 2 is playing in the background as well as my father and brother getting angry with the game and each other. My mother and other brother are out by their gaming systems playing their new video games they got as gifts. 

So while I’m at it, here’s some more cell phone pictures that I’ve take over the past couple of days in preparation for Christmas(and Christmas Eve it’self). This won’t be the last Christmas related post as AJ and I are celebrating when he gets back, and there are happenings going on later today that will have more pictures to. Fear not. I will return :}

Christmas Eve!



Sam (great friend of mine) and I got Starbucks before we had to go do our own Christmas things last night.

AJ’s and my Christmas tree that we decorated :]



Oh, and by the way, Fort Wayne had a Santacon 2012, and YOU BETTCHA we went!




Last but not least; two random pictures of myself with an ornament on our family Christmas tree that really screams out what kind of family we are. (Don’t judge!) 



I apologize for such a long post! But if you made it to the end, congratulations! Go bake, go do your Christmas thing and make sure you play with your new toys after you tell everyone in your family how much you love them. 


Until we meet again, Merry Christmas! 

Now start planning for New Years :]




For lack of a better title!

I apologize for the lack of updates lately friends!

You see, the world of photography has been a little slow these past couple of weeks. I do, however, have a few photo sessions scheduled for after Christmas. One maternity session, one engagement session, and another infant session. I’m SUPER stoked. 

I’ve been fairly busy though. 

{and expect holiday baking pictures this weekend!}

Now, lets get to what I really wanted to write to you about today. 

I thought to myself; “hey, you’ve posted a lot of your work for the lovely people to see, but you’ve not spent much time talking about who you are as a person and what makes you tick.”

So I want to share a little bit about who I am with you. Ready? 

Hi, my name is Courtney. 

I was born and raised in the second biggest city in Indiana and have lived there for pretty much my whole life. Give or take a few years in another city (but who’s counting right?). I’m a full time lead teacher for one year olds even though all the kids in my classroom are 2. It’s a busy job. But I very much enjoy it and have been for almost 5 years now. (Which reminds me, I’m 24 years old).  

My biggest passion in life is photography. I discovered it on accident one day by tilting my little point and shoot camera ever so slightly and falling i n l o v e with how the photo looked once I uploaded it onto my computer. After that, I took tons and tons of pictures of landscapes and flowers and objects that didn’t move very much. One day, I decided I should practice taking pictures of people if I wanted to become a photographer one day. I called up my longest high school friend Kari and asked her to model for me. After that, I took photography more seriously and practiced and practiced. Now, 5 years later, my little hobby is still my #1 passion and dream job. 

I’m the oldest of my siblings; I have two brothers ( yes, I’m sorry for me too!), and my parents are still happily married (20 something years now). We’re all so very different. I’m the artsy one, the middle kid is going to be a lawyer, and the youngest right now is obsessed with space. Out of everyone in my family, I’m the only that doesn’t play video games like it’s my job. (Hey, everyone has to have a hobby….it’s just not mine!)  They’re crazy people, but I love them very much. 

Photography isn’t the only thing that I love. Let me compile a little list (which I LOVE to make) to give you a better insight on the things that draw my attention and make me who I am. 


Big hair. Ombre. 24. Mountains. New York. flannel. cacti. neon. trees. adventure. gold. ferns. black. deer. coffee. tea. roadtrips. Polaroid. white. wood. fox. wine. aviators. cities. breweries & wineries. stainless steel. music. leather. cotton candy. art. bonfires. gray. edgy. rock candy. studs. faux fur. brick. artichokes. weddings. interior decorating. antlers. plants. terrariums. festivals. fog. faux taxidermy. s’mores. broadway. mesh. Michigan. beer pong. bicycles. Halloween. parties. boots. dresses&skirts. coffee shops. forever 21. breakfast. kitchen queen. downtown. Andy Warhol. graffiti. animals. words. bubble tea. sheer. banjo. donuts. glitter. NYC. geometric shapes. feathers. tights. gym. crafting. modern. IPhone. nature. water falls. back packs. zoos&aquariums. museums. lists. books. Notre Dame. friends. early mornings and late nights. apartments. social gatherings. popcorn. retro. restaurants. Pinterest. Etsy. fashion. dark chocolate. greek yogurt. heels&wedges. malls. film photography. studs. concerts. going to the movies. wildflowers. gardens. cats&dogs. pens. notebooks. day dreaming. the future. cities. parks. everyday life. laughter. smiling. photobooths. sushi. chipotle. ——————————-> and so much more. 


As silly as this sounds, if you have questions to ask me, seriously, go for it. I love meeting and talking to new people! It makes life worthwhile. 

For now I’m going to take off. Maybe pin some things on pinterest for a bit before laying out my game plan for baking tomorrow! 

Have a wonderful night!




(this is the most recent picture of me)


Notre Dame!

So this November I got to go to a Notre Dame game.

A game in fact, that a coworker of mine was severely upset that I was the one there and not her. Why?

It was senior night.

I’ve been to one other college football game before; IU. It was okay, I didn’t really care much for it anyway, and I was only 19 and didn’t understand football at all.

Now I’m 24 and have a better understanding of football compared to what I had when I was 19, that and I appreciate atmosphere A LOT.

What was on the agenda for the game?

Tailgating of course. All freaking day. Beer, brats, frisbee, burgers and saving other tailgaters tailgates.

Then football.

Matt’s an alumni from Notre Dame, so it was really awesome that he was so incredibly excited. It made the day that much more fun because I knew it was really special to him that he was back on campus.

The one thing I didn’t like about the day? The ridiculous lines to the portapotties.

45 minutes? Really? Yowch.

Here are some pictures from that day that I wanted to share with you. These don’t have a watermark on them because lets face it, we were going just to hang out. Just Aj, myself, Matt, Chris, Swift, Raf and Evan. (And yes, when we got on the shuttle, a very loud intoxicated woman was tickled pink that I was the only girl a midst 6 guys. Which isn’t uncommon. It’s actually happening tonight when we all watch football on TV together.) So these are just a few snap shots into my life and the people that I’ve come to love and the awesome day we had centered around football!ImageImageImageImageImageImageAlso, I would like to point out that Swift does a TERRIBLE job at trying to hide from a photographer who has sports feature on her camera.


Theta Tau Formal and Bushkill Falls

So, this past April AJ invited me to his fraternity spring formal with him. 

This was the very first time I was going to meet people he spent so much time with in New York. Yeah, I was a bit petrified. Especially since you know, frats party a lot, and they party h a r d . I hadn’t really drank since I turned 21, needless to say I was a little rusty and apprehensive. 

But holy moly, was it  f u n. 

We stayed in really nice condo type houses, went to a dance with a free open bar, then went back and virtually trashed a few of the condo things. I was tackled across the room onto a couch full of people. People were trying to pull themselves up onto the loft via balcony inside. People were climbing onto the roofs and taking off screen doors. Oh goodness, I would do it again in a heart beat! 

Here’s a few pictures from that weekend!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLast but not least, here’s a picture of AJ and I all dressed up before the formal!

(NOTE: I’ve lost over 20 pounds since this photo was taken. AJ has lost weight too!)