Giant S’mores Cookies?


I couldn’t love pinterest anymore than I do for these cookies. Seriously, TOO GOOD.

Not to mention, they’re giant. They’re rich. So delicious.

The entire time I was making them, I kept laughing and crying out “HOLY JEEBUS!”. Before you bake them, they’re literally cookie bricks sitting on your pan. Slightly nerve-wracking and overwhelming.

Chocolate chip cookie + s’mores. A match made in desert heaven.

And they’re too good to make just once.

You can’t eat a whole one, let alone half of one  in one sitting, but you simply can’t make them just once.

If you’re prone to drooling, beware. Set up a paper towel or napkin under your chin when you look at these next photos. They’re pretty dangerous.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLast but not least, here’s a photo demonstrating the size of these delectable monsters. I apologize for the terrible photo of myself in advance, but seriously. Just LOOK at these things!



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