Notre Dame!

So this November I got to go to a Notre Dame game.

A game in fact, that a coworker of mine was severely upset that I was the one there and not her. Why?

It was senior night.

I’ve been to one other college football game before; IU. It was okay, I didn’t really care much for it anyway, and I was only 19 and didn’t understand football at all.

Now I’m 24 and have a better understanding of football compared to what I had when I was 19, that and I appreciate atmosphere A LOT.

What was on the agenda for the game?

Tailgating of course. All freaking day. Beer, brats, frisbee, burgers and saving other tailgaters tailgates.

Then football.

Matt’s an alumni from Notre Dame, so it was really awesome that he was so incredibly excited. It made the day that much more fun because I knew it was really special to him that he was back on campus.

The one thing I didn’t like about the day? The ridiculous lines to the portapotties.

45 minutes? Really? Yowch.

Here are some pictures from that day that I wanted to share with you. These don’t have a watermark on them because lets face it, we were going just to hang out. Just Aj, myself, Matt, Chris, Swift, Raf and Evan. (And yes, when we got on the shuttle, a very loud intoxicated woman was tickled pink that I was the only girl a midst 6 guys. Which isn’t uncommon. It’s actually happening tonight when we all watch football on TV together.) So these are just a few snap shots into my life and the people that I’ve come to love and the awesome day we had centered around football!ImageImageImageImageImageImageAlso, I would like to point out that Swift does a TERRIBLE job at trying to hide from a photographer who has sports feature on her camera.



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