Oh, where are you spring?

These past couple of months have been the W O R S T. 


My classroom of 2 year olds have cabin fever. I have cabin fever. My mother has cabin fever. And I’m pretty sure AJ has a little cabin fever too. 

For me, what I miss the most is being able to take pictures outside and explore. Take as long as needed….not as long as you can stand  without crying or shaking uncontrollably. And be able to take pictures without freezing your hands off {I know I know, I should wear gloves. They just get in the way!}.

Nevertheless, some people {including myself} brave the cold and we suffer as long as we can possibly stand before someone breaks down says “I’m cold.”. Which certainly happened at my most recent session in downtown Fort Wayne. I felt so bad too, because when we were inside the Botanical Conservatory, the sun was out and it felt decent outside. By the time we headed out to roam the allies, the sun disappeared and it felt as cold as the weatherman said it would. Miserable right? Its okay, we got a ton of adorable pictures :]




This weekend {and yes I mean THIS coming weekend} I’ve got a lot planned! A few DIY’s via pinterest, a couple of classy photo sessions with a really good long time friend and myself, a little boozing, cooking. It’s going to be an artsy craftsy weekend, and I simply cannot wait! It’ll help pass the time while AJ is out and about doing important things {but boy will I sure miss him!}. Keep your eyes peeled, there will be a few blog sessions coming your way!





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