So there’s this baby. 

Her momma had asked me to take her maternity photos for her one weekend, but then I never heard from her. Well, we corresponded via a mutual friend of ours, and that friend sent me a text saying that the baby was born early. Soon after that, momma texted me saying that Lily was born early, but she still wanted me to take pictures for her. The first session turned into an infant session. 

Now about ever 2 to 3 months I go back to take more pictures. 

Today was another one of those days…and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to watch this baby girl grow up! Her momma is awesome, I can’t wait for more of her personality to develop (though it might be a doosy). 

Through the whining and crying and excessive amounts of teething drool (which yes, I helped wipe clean with my own hands. My classroom of kids teaches you to not be afraid of spit. You’re going to get hit by it eventually. It’s only a matter of time.), we managed to get some of the cutest pictures to date. 

I thought I’d share them with you :]






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