Lily’s 9 months….part I!

You’ve seen the pictures of Lily. 

I know you have. 

She’s cute right? 

Mom and I tried and tried and tried to get her to smile for her 9 month pictures…but this girl just wasn’t budging most of the time, so now we have to schedule a second session in hope to finish them! 

But I thought I’d share (and because Tammy is dying to see them!) what I have from the first session with you! Enjoy :]




d o w n t o w n f o r t w a y n e

A fellow shutterbug and I went downtown with our cameras to take pictures just for fun. She got dressed up in a purdy dress, and I wore a see through body suit and shorts. (Yeah, she was a little classier than me, but I felt pretty good!)

Fort Wayne isn’t a bad place. Most people say “Fort WHERE?!”. I mean, my boyfriend said the same thing before he came out here. (and all the other NY boys too) Yeah our downtown is a little lacking in crazy creative businesses  but that’s something that’s being worked on. My favorite Irish pub ever is there, and the ally ways are clean and charismatic, and on a nice day, you see TONS of people walking around even when it’s not festival season.

AND I’m getting better at getting myself around downtown.

Here’s some of those pictures from my end of the lens!


I’m kind of excited about these pictures. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been on a session to just take pictures of random things. Usually it’s doing a session for a family, or a couple, or a child. This was purely about detail and artistic vision. I don’t do this enough.


That’s about all I have for today.




A lot of things have been going on lately. And a lot of them not so good. There’s been issues with family, and issues with work. 

The work part was a bit ridiculous. 

Which resulted in me putting in my two weeks and landing another job. I’m incredibly sad how things went down. I really am. That daycare was a big part of my life for almost 5 years. I felt so sad and horrible to walk away, and even more sad with how I was treated. It’s crazy how someone can change in a blink of an eye, but that’s something I can’t do anything about. 

Fingers crossed this new daycare will be a lot kinder. 

Now…onto pictures!


 I recently was hired by a couple to do their maternity photos…AND a birthing session for their soon to be born baby (as long as work allows). It took a bit to actually get the session in. The weather wasn’t good enough most of the time. Which, isn’t a surprise with how funky Fort Wayne weather has been over the past few months. 

But we finally got it in. 

They were quirky. The GOOD kind of quirky. The kind of people I love. 

Needless to say, I liked them right away. Before we even started the session. They’re just so cute. Cute and quirky. And their little girl is going to be adorable and quirky. I can see it already!

Here’s a little preview that I produced to share with you all. Enjoy!



I know it’s Mother’s Day, and I feel bad that I couldn’t actually go see my mother today (I had some photo work earlier today), but I did buy her a HUGE hydrangea plant at Meijer the other day and already gave it to her. Do something nice for your mothers….even if you don’t always see eye to eye. Love is unconditional, and that’s something your mother will always have for you. 


Happy Mother’s Day!

New York (again!)

Over this very past weekend, AJ and I drove 9 hours to get to Binghamton NY for the 10th Anniversary for Theta Tau. 

Seriously, going to Bing to see all those guys is simply awesome. Before we even left yesterday I was already missing them! It makes me so much more excited for the next Theta Tau event….seriously. 

I want to share with you the pictures I took this weekend…and I apologize for any of them that I’m not quite looking all that spectacular! We had quite the weekend. 



I miss all these people so much already. It’s been since last October from the last time I saw them. Hopefully there won’t be so many months between visits this time :]

It’s been a little while….

I apologize how long its been since I’ve last posted. 

A LOT has been going on, and a little I can’t talk about just yet. (But I will soon)

So…here we go!


Since I’ve last posted, the weather here in Fort Wayne has been GORGEOUS. Spring (Summer?) has finally arrived and people’s favorite times for photos are here. For me, the warmer weather has been a complete blessing. It just makes sessions with families so much more enjoyable since we don’t have to hide from the freezing cold wind and snow. And the warmer weather means we’re that much closer to July, which is wedding month for me! Excited? You bet your bottom dollar!


I wanted to share with you the photos I took for a little girl that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and teaching at the daycare. Her name is Sophia, and she’s such a doll!



Sophie turned 2, so mama asked me to take pictures for them. It was going to be a family session as well, but dad had to work. But that’s okay, we’ll just do another session later :]