d o w n t o w n f o r t w a y n e

A fellow shutterbug and I went downtown with our cameras to take pictures just for fun. She got dressed up in a purdy dress, and I wore a see through body suit and shorts. (Yeah, she was a little classier than me, but I felt pretty good!)

Fort Wayne isn’t a bad place. Most people say “Fort WHERE?!”. I mean, my boyfriend said the same thing before he came out here. (and all the other NY boys too) Yeah our downtown is a little lacking in crazy creative businesses  but that’s something that’s being worked on. My favorite Irish pub ever is there, and the ally ways are clean and charismatic, and on a nice day, you see TONS of people walking around even when it’s not festival season.

AND I’m getting better at getting myself around downtown.

Here’s some of those pictures from my end of the lens!


I’m kind of excited about these pictures. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been on a session to just take pictures of random things. Usually it’s doing a session for a family, or a couple, or a child. This was purely about detail and artistic vision. I don’t do this enough.


That’s about all I have for today.




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