Lily’s 9 months….part I!

You’ve seen the pictures of Lily. 

I know you have. 

She’s cute right? 

Mom and I tried and tried and tried to get her to smile for her 9 month pictures…but this girl just wasn’t budging most of the time, so now we have to schedule a second session in hope to finish them! 

But I thought I’d share (and because Tammy is dying to see them!) what I have from the first session with you! Enjoy :]




One thought on “Lily’s 9 months….part I!

  1. Hi Courtney, 

    Gina Acker here, Arianna’s mom from Fort Fun. I hope you are doing well and that your new job is great!

    I know we briefly spoke about Arianna’s 2yr pics and I also wanted to check your availbilty for her birthday party.  We would like her pics done prior to her party which is on her actual birthday 7/27. Please let me know your schedule and if we can hire you for her party as well. Thanks! !


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