Kacee and Pat are ENGAGED!

Kacee and I go wayyyyyyyyyy back to middle school.

She has turned into such a stunning woman. She was stunning back then. Woowee is she pretty now. Her fiance Pat is a lucky man!

Their session had so much laughter, sarcasm, and a TON of love. They’re perfect for each other. 

We went back to where they got engaged, Wallen Softball Diamond. And that dugout is dedicated to her dad whom she lost many years ago. It was so touching to take their photos in front of it. Just lovely. 



…more families!

I knew this family back before Abby got married!

She was my 7th grade science teacher, then my 8th grade social studies teacher. 


Then I got to take care of her kids at the daycare that they used to go to when I worked there. 

And they’re beautiful. 



Maternity Session #2!

Nickol (who’s gender reveal party I photographed) is expecting a boy…who’s name is going to be Elijah, or Eli for short. {Ellie and Eli…adorable right?!} And since Nickol is ordered by her doctor not to leave town since she’s due any day now…what did I do?

I left SUPER early. 

Drove two hours. 

And meet them at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to shoot their maternity session. 

…and you know what?

It was AWESOME. 

Yeah, I was a whole hour early (oops!), but that meant I got to explore. Met some lovely people waiting on another photographer for their engagement session, bumped into another photographer who kept giving me nasty looks every time I ran into them in the gardens (not like it was on purpose…I was waiting for my own clients!), and said hello to a friendly man who was just taking pictures of all the lovely flowers. 

My new shoes got sopping wet, but it’s okay. 

I had fun!



Kind of a sequel to the last post…I was super early to the family session with Denise and her three beautiful children, so I spent time walking around the Botanical Conservatory in downtown Fort Wayne until they got there. $5, beautiful flowers, and a fairly decent live butterfly display made the 40 minutes fly by. 

Here I wanted to share a few of those pictures that I captured. Sadly no butterflies though…



A little bit of…FAMILY!

This summer has been the busiest I’ve  e v e r  been with photo work. Which is absolutely FANTABULOUS! I couldn’t be more thrilled with all the people I’ve been given the chance to work with and capture a little bit of their life forever. One of those sessions was an adorable little family. A referral from a client I was going to soon be working with. 

So, we went downtown… 

{which, we witnessed a HUGE accident just outside the botanical conservatory. holy moly}