Hair Adventures

I post a LOT {if not mostly} photo session photos on here. 

Some travels when I have them. 

Virtually n o t h i n g on just myself. Why? I have no clue whatsoever. 

[I have a little story for you!]

A little about myself…I’m a girly girl. I love all things fashion, unique, art, beauty…I could spend hours in a makeup store just looking at so many things and walking out with none. I constantly am raiding pinterest and {PINNING ALL THE THINGS!} and just getting so inspired all the time. [Sadly time and money come into play with these inspirations]

And I’m very particular. but aren’t we all?

But lets get one thing straight; I don’t think I’m the prettiest girl in the world. In fact, I feel I’m very much that ‘girl next door’ when it comes to looks. However, I know I have ridiculously long & thick hair. It’s my best asset. Hands down. It’s the thing I obsess over the most before I go out. I buy new hair products ALL THE TIME. And I use so much conditioner. 

If you just dumped all the conditioner into the bathtub to see how much I use a month, it would probably fill it up. 

And I take crazy care of my hair. I shampoo maybe once a week. Take biotin. Let it air dry whenever possible. Avoid putting it up all the time. Hardly ever use a curling iron or flat iron. Use coconut oil to help nourish and keep it healthy. Seriously, I could go on and on. 

Lastly…I DO get my hair colored and cut with a pretty pricey lady {about twice a year}. Why do I go to her? Because she knows how to work with the texture and thickness of my hair. Most stylists freak out because I have so much hair. Not Erica. What she does with my hair is worth the pretty penny I spend. 

Speaking of which…I just saw her on Thursday after I got off of work. 

Well, ummmm, I walked out at the end of appointment with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. 

Truth be told, I wasn’t happy with my hair. At all. I wouldn’t even wear it down on Friday when I went in to work. 

So Friday night I called the salon, left a message and my stylist called me back Saturday morning and scheduled me to come in THAT DAY to fix it. 

This time around? LOVE IT. It looks SO much better than it did before. So much better. SO much better. 

{here’s the little collage I created for all of you to look at. you can tell.}



note: all these pictures were taken and edited with various apps on my IPhone. 

I couldn’t be more cereal about my hair. It’s a little ridiculous. 

{yes, I’m VERY cereal about fashion and such as well. It’s all ridiculous. but it totes my goats.}


Bye bye!



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