Aside: Happy Graduation Season!

While I’m sitting here on this confusingly dreary morning (rain clouds but radar shows absolutely nothing?) pondering what I should eat for breakfast and when I want to go to the grocery store, and when I want to finish cleaning the apartment AND wondering when AJ is going to wake up to let me know that they’re heading back home…

I realized I never posted the pictures from my cousin Ryan’s graduation party.

A while ago my uncle asked me to bring my camera to the party to take pictures for them so that they could enjoy the day. No big deal at all. So AJ and I went, camera in tow, we loaded up on food and I scarfed mine down so I could go take pictures. And for once, I actually had people take pictures of me with family as well (because this NEVER happens). Enjoyable? You bet. It was nice seeing a lot of people there, and it was even nicer to see Ryan so incredibly happy.

[I do have Ryan’s senior photos posted up on my blog here somewhere…]

He’s a good kid, smart, easy on the eyes and I’m more than sure that college is going to be an amazing experience for him. He’s excited, and that makes me excited.

So here’s some of the pictures that were taken during his party!


(if you haven’t figured it out, I’m the lady in the orange dress and funky styled hair)

(also, I have strange family. But they’re the best)

(and those little girls in a few of those pictures AJ absolutely adores. It’s too cute :])

I suppose I really should get started on the many things that I should probably get started on.

Happy Sunday!



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