m i c h i g a n #1

Oh hi!

So last weekend, guess what I did? I went to Traverse City Michigan with Aj and his best friends from high school…and it was such a fabulous weekend, I seriously was so sad to come home. If there are two places I can go that causes me to want to stay; they are New York and Michigan. Seriously. For real. 

Though, getting there was a whirlwind….AND Vyas totally forgot that it was this past weekend, so he and the boys didn’t get there until Saturday. I can’t complain getting that HUGE hotel room to just Aj and I. Cozy, quiet and roomy. Friday ended up being date night for AJ and I. Bless his heart…he was so tired…why? Well, he flew back into Fort Wayne on Friday morning from a work thing, running on very little sleep, then we hopped in the car and drove five hours north. What a trooper right? He’s amazing. I don’t think I tell him enough. 

It was too much fun. Michigan is just gorgeous and GREEN. The weather was stunning {though a little chilly}, the wine is just superb, and the people are just so nice. Loved every minute being there. What would have made the trip better is if it was warm enough to spend time at the beach and get the guys playing in the water for epic water pictures…but, there will be another trip up there later this summer, so there’s still time :]

Since it was a nice long weekend, I definitely took a ton of pictures. Have a looksie!



There’s so many wonderful restaurants in Traverse City. Downtown is stunning and gorgeous. It’s clean. Fabulous atmosphere. Then when you head up to Leelanau, oh the wine! Chateau Fontain is still my favorite winery there to this day. The lake is just beautiful. I could go on. 

But instead I’ll leave you here…lots of things coming up in the next few weeks; keep your eyes out for another engagement session, a few family sessions, a couple of maternity sessions,{hopefully} a meet the sibling session+family, and HOPEFULLY a birthing session. All this to fit in before July wedding craziness happens? Yeah. This is a whole new meaning of busy. 

And S O M E H O W  I’m going to plan a second winery trip for a BUNCH more people. Oi. 



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