Maternity Session #2!

Nickol (who’s gender reveal party I photographed) is expecting a boy…who’s name is going to be Elijah, or Eli for short. {Ellie and Eli…adorable right?!} And since Nickol is ordered by her doctor not to leave town since she’s due any day now…what did I do?

I left SUPER early. 

Drove two hours. 

And meet them at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to shoot their maternity session. 

…and you know what?

It was AWESOME. 

Yeah, I was a whole hour early (oops!), but that meant I got to explore. Met some lovely people waiting on another photographer for their engagement session, bumped into another photographer who kept giving me nasty looks every time I ran into them in the gardens (not like it was on purpose…I was waiting for my own clients!), and said hello to a friendly man who was just taking pictures of all the lovely flowers. 

My new shoes got sopping wet, but it’s okay. 

I had fun!



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