Teague Family Double Session!

I went to Indy for three weekends in a row. 

The last time I went, I spent the whole weekend with Nickol and baby Eli. 

{LOVE my baby Eli time!}

Then before I went home, we took pictures. 






Chelsea and Kevin {Engagement}




So I realize its been a long while. 

A LONG while. 

I apologize profusely for the amount of time between my last post and this one. A Lot of things have gone on since July that I’ve just not had the time to update. 

Or even edit for that matter. 

As it’s fall and the leave are FINALLY changing here in Indiana, I’ve kept busy with session after session. Even right now, I’m out of town to do a family shoot tomorrow! 

I ask for patience! When I can find the time, I’ll get all my most recent sessions up for your viewing pleasure .