Birthdays Galore!

Over the past few months there’s been several birthdays. 

{Of course in my family!}

What a better way to preserve that age than with photos? 

Little dears, lovely smiles, beautiful memories and lots of laughs. I sincerely love  helping parents remember their innocence and young personalities. We had fun at these shoots, even if it was hot and humid and nearly miserable. 

Below are two separate sessions crammed into one post to save space. 



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It might possibly (potentially) have been a while since I last posted…

So, I just realized the other day that its been a while since I last posted. 

Part of that problem is the changes here within wordpress. I tried for a couple of hours to write something and publish it….but for some reason, the new interface just wouldn’t let anything happen. Or perhaps I just was doing it wrong. It’s something along those lines! 

Oh well….onto the new things!


A LOT has been going on. 

The new relationship is AMAZING. The distance not so much. But he’s amazing. 


The work I’ve been getting has been incredible to! And I have several shoots to show you! 

Bear with me…I’ll be blowing up your dashboards soon!