About me & My Passion


I’m Courtney.

And I’m a toddler teacher by day, a photographer by passion.

Things that make me me: mountains, adventure, cacti, neon, New York, gold, white, foxes, deer, black, tea, kitchen queen, big hair, ombre, fashion, music, TOMS, aviators, flannel, leather, studs, tattoos, fairs and festivals, museums, parks, Canon & so much more.

I get so much inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy.

Road trips are the bomb-digity.

I have a mild obsession with film photography. It’s imperfections make it perfect.

Photography is something I discovered on accident. But it’s something that’s stuck with me permanently since it’s discovery. Since then, it’s been desperate requirement that I carry at least 2 cameras on me at all times, just in case.

That accident has turned into a working dream of being a full time photographer.

[With this economy, I don’t believe that it’s fair to charge an arm and a leg to have photos done, so I do the best that I can to make it so that everyone can have the photos they dream of at a price that isn’t going to leave their wallet sad and lonely.]

This is a beautiful world, and I want to help it become that much more beautiful.


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