{Isaac & Harrison}

Now, I’ve captured moments with both of these boys separately before.

And well–since I purchased some new props, I wanted to test them out.

I asked mom, and she was MORE than happy to let me take pictures of her boys.

So we went to a local farm and captured away. Seriously. They’re just so adorable.

How can you not love them?!





The Appleton Family

Okay, this session I am SO excited about. 

Sarah contacted me about family photos, and I’ve been DYING to do a location that isn’t the conservatory. (Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I don’t want EVERYONE’s photos to have the same backgrounds, you know? I need variety in my life!) They were super easy going and definitely wanted opinions. So I suggested a coffee shop locale. What’s even more perfect is that the coffee shop we went to was not too far from their home AND it was the CUTEST little shop I’ve ever been in. 

Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings. 

Cute name right? 


And awesome drinks. Seriously. 

Well, these guys were just so fun. So real. And little Cain was just stealing everyone’s hearts (including the guy I’m seeing…I’ll tell you about him later!). I seriously hope you guys enjoy this preview as much as I enjoyed taking them!



Acker Family!

I’ve taken photos for the Ackers before. 

They’re so cute, and little Ariana is just a pistol of wonderful energy!

During the winter there aren’t too much options to take pictures indoors, so the Botanical Conservatory is super popular for everyone. You get that outside feel in the middle of January with feet (and I mean FEET) of snow on the ground. Here in Fort Wayne, the conservatory is in middle of downtown close to food, the Embassy and within walking distance to parks and the Art Museum. It’s really cute, and every month they do a different theme. I believe this month is butterflies? 







Words…there are no words.
I’m beyond excited!

Being a traveling photographer is amazing. And I can’t wait to expand.
Share this? That would be incredible!




{Aurora} Welcome baby girl!

Aurora was born two weeks early from her scheduled C-section. 

Mom decided she wanted to come back into town for a day. 

So what did we do? Impromptu infant session!

Warning: This baby is ADORBZ. 


Such a pretty little thing. 




Macks is 1!

Cute little red headed babies?

Don’t mind if I do! 

Macks was a character, difficult to work with, but certainly a character. It was too fun watching him crawl all over the place trying so hard to get away from the camera. Unfortunately I was faster than he was, and he didn’t seem to enjoy that too often, but mom dad and photographer had a great time!


Skalicky Family

The majority of my photo connections seem to happen via facebook. Rachel and I went to the same high school, and she kept watch on my facebook for the photos I took for a while before asking me to photograph her family. Little Jackson didn’t want to get his picture taken, so it was a bit difficult and took a while before we could get him to smile. Who wouldn’t smile being thrown into the air, you know? 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThen once we were done with their little family, other family members arrived to get a large group photo for Christmas cards and what not. 

Larger groups are slightly harder to photograph, but it was a lot of fun! Soloman Farm really does provide as a good back drop. I’m so glad they chose it as our photo destination!