Introducing {Mr. &Mrs. Nawroki!}

Last weekend I got to be part of a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!

Downtown. Beautiful weather. It was GLORIOUS. 

Enjoy the little preview I have for you!




{Senior Portraits} Chase!

This is one seriously cool dude. 

He’s going to Croatia to work abroad with some friends. He’s into music and the arts, and aspires to be a Marine Biologist. 

Not just that, but he had a lot of fun taking his senior photos. 

Best of all, it was super fun for me too!






A little bit of…FAMILY!

This summer has been the busiest I’ve  e v e r  been with photo work. Which is absolutely FANTABULOUS! I couldn’t be more thrilled with all the people I’ve been given the chance to work with and capture a little bit of their life forever. One of those sessions was an adorable little family. A referral from a client I was going to soon be working with. 

So, we went downtown… 

{which, we witnessed a HUGE accident just outside the botanical conservatory. holy moly}


m i c h i g a n #1

Oh hi!

So last weekend, guess what I did? I went to Traverse City Michigan with Aj and his best friends from high school…and it was such a fabulous weekend, I seriously was so sad to come home. If there are two places I can go that causes me to want to stay; they are New York and Michigan. Seriously. For real. 

Though, getting there was a whirlwind….AND Vyas totally forgot that it was this past weekend, so he and the boys didn’t get there until Saturday. I can’t complain getting that HUGE hotel room to just Aj and I. Cozy, quiet and roomy. Friday ended up being date night for AJ and I. Bless his heart…he was so tired…why? Well, he flew back into Fort Wayne on Friday morning from a work thing, running on very little sleep, then we hopped in the car and drove five hours north. What a trooper right? He’s amazing. I don’t think I tell him enough. 

It was too much fun. Michigan is just gorgeous and GREEN. The weather was stunning {though a little chilly}, the wine is just superb, and the people are just so nice. Loved every minute being there. What would have made the trip better is if it was warm enough to spend time at the beach and get the guys playing in the water for epic water pictures…but, there will be another trip up there later this summer, so there’s still time :]

Since it was a nice long weekend, I definitely took a ton of pictures. Have a looksie!



There’s so many wonderful restaurants in Traverse City. Downtown is stunning and gorgeous. It’s clean. Fabulous atmosphere. Then when you head up to Leelanau, oh the wine! Chateau Fontain is still my favorite winery there to this day. The lake is just beautiful. I could go on. 

But instead I’ll leave you here…lots of things coming up in the next few weeks; keep your eyes out for another engagement session, a few family sessions, a couple of maternity sessions,{hopefully} a meet the sibling session+family, and HOPEFULLY a birthing session. All this to fit in before July wedding craziness happens? Yeah. This is a whole new meaning of busy. 

And S O M E H O W  I’m going to plan a second winery trip for a BUNCH more people. Oi. 


d o w n t o w n f o r t w a y n e

A fellow shutterbug and I went downtown with our cameras to take pictures just for fun. She got dressed up in a purdy dress, and I wore a see through body suit and shorts. (Yeah, she was a little classier than me, but I felt pretty good!)

Fort Wayne isn’t a bad place. Most people say “Fort WHERE?!”. I mean, my boyfriend said the same thing before he came out here. (and all the other NY boys too) Yeah our downtown is a little lacking in crazy creative businesses  but that’s something that’s being worked on. My favorite Irish pub ever is there, and the ally ways are clean and charismatic, and on a nice day, you see TONS of people walking around even when it’s not festival season.

AND I’m getting better at getting myself around downtown.

Here’s some of those pictures from my end of the lens!


I’m kind of excited about these pictures. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been on a session to just take pictures of random things. Usually it’s doing a session for a family, or a couple, or a child. This was purely about detail and artistic vision. I don’t do this enough.


That’s about all I have for today.



Happy March!


So, today has been interesting.

Got up, met my family for breakfast at a little diner down the road. Ate, enjoyed hanging out with them, then I took my brothers home so they didn’t have to roam the home and garden show with my parents. 

Then I went to go pick up my long time friend Kari. 

I brought her back to the apartment and we started getting dolled up to go downtown for a photo shoot. We’re talking dresses, tights, light jackets. Yeah, in the cold. It was at least 30 degrees. Not too bad right? Especially for March and being in Fort Wayne. But it was cloudy. So it felt at least 8 degrees colder. 

No big deal. The sun would play peekaboo every so often, so it wasn’t as bad. At least, I wasn’t too bothered. Having a little fat on the body is a good thing for winter…but poor Kari was shivering all day. Can we say trooper? 

Anyway, the shoot was fun. We took pictures of her, pictures of me, pictures of the areas around us. Really cool right? At some point, we found an ivy covered wall and were taking pictures. This rugged guy walks down the alley to stop and watch us. He was at least in his fifties, back pack, baggy clothes, raggedy pants, and an open beer bottle in his hand. My biggest concern was he was going to approach us and try to make off with our bags that we had a little ways behind us. So I addressed him, and he ended up walking on. Kari is one of those girls that I’ve always felt the need to protect. We go to the mall, I’m keeping an eye out to fend off anyone who might have ill-intentions towards her. She’s a sweetheart, kind hearted, and a little oblivious to the grody guys that tend to watch her whenever we go out. Yay for not having to bust out the tough side and having to beat someone off!

Things got a little rocky after we were done taking pictures though. 

Kari and I went to get bubble tea from Bahn Mi Barista, ordered the teas and I got an order of egg rolls to share. Sat down, and then I started to feel really off. The girl came over with our teas. I took a sip thinking maybe I was just thirsty. It had been since 930 this morning since I last ate, so I thought maybe that’s why I was feeling funky. 

The eggrolls came out. I ate one. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I felt even worse. Like, I thought I possibly was going to get sick at some point if this nausea didn’t go away. So, Kari and I left. She packed her stuff up, and we got in the car to take her home. On the way back to the apartment {and going around a winding road}, I started to dry heave. Then my hearing was muffled. Then my eyesight started to tunnel. One deep breath and white knuckles later, I was back to normal. Feeling sicker than ever, but at least I could see and hear again. The first thing I did when I got home was make a b-line to an area of the apartment whose services I needed badly. 

Point being, I DO feel better from earlier. Not 100%. I’m convinced it’s food poisoning. Whatever it is is working its way through my system, but man it sucks. What’s worse is AJ is out of town and won’t be home until tomorrow. No cuddles for me tonight :[

Despite the crazy evening, I wanted to share with you what Kari and I managed to get done before my body decided to go haywire. Enjoy ❤

Ps. I’ve been watching episode after episode of LA Ink these past few days. Obsessed.