It might possibly (potentially) have been a while since I last posted…

So, I just realized the other day that its been a while since I last posted. 

Part of that problem is the changes here within wordpress. I tried for a couple of hours to write something and publish it….but for some reason, the new interface just wouldn’t let anything happen. Or perhaps I just was doing it wrong. It’s something along those lines! 

Oh well….onto the new things!


A LOT has been going on. 

The new relationship is AMAZING. The distance not so much. But he’s amazing. 


The work I’ve been getting has been incredible to! And I have several shoots to show you! 

Bear with me…I’ll be blowing up your dashboards soon! 




{Isaac & Harrison}

Now, I’ve captured moments with both of these boys separately before.

And well–since I purchased some new props, I wanted to test them out.

I asked mom, and she was MORE than happy to let me take pictures of her boys.

So we went to a local farm and captured away. Seriously. They’re just so adorable.

How can you not love them?!




A little life update!

Alright, so, I figured I should update about life. Maybe? Just a little bit? 

To be honest, life is strangely wonderful. 

I’m still without a regular part time or full time job. Which is weird. It’s been since November. Whatever. I’m less worried about it now. Why? Probably because my June is looking 100% busy. 

How busy? 

I’m glad you asked! Lets see…

3 weddings. A first birthday shoot. A first birthday party. Color Me Rad 5k. An engagement shoot. And these are all scheduled previously. There’s no telling how many more bookings I will make. But every Saturday of mine is completely full. CRAY CRAY (yes, I said cray-cray, don’t look too far into it). 

Not to mention I’ve officially booked 10 weddings for 2014 alone, and I’ve booked 4 weddings (potentially 5) already for 2015. Best of all, I’m SO incredibly excited I really don’t have any words beyond that. Blessed? Absolutely. 

OH! Things with the new beau are going absolutely wonderfully. It’s exciting. Very exciting. He’s even brought me on as part of his freelance company Creating Cleveland. ( <~ seriously, go check it out. They’re talented, and it’s an honor to be considered talented enough to join their team! 

-oh, and we’re kind of ridiculously cute. You know, two photographers/creative minds, collaborating on new ideas/shoot weddings together. The dream. Yeah, the dream. 

While everything isn’t figured out 100% yet, I know they will be soon. I’m excited, and you should be too!

Well, maybe you’re not, or it’s REALLY hard to get you excited, whatever it is, you should be excited. End of story. 

I’ll leave you with a mix of photos from my beautiful camera and my wonderful iPhone. Enjoy!




(seriously, if you want me to do photos for you, go to my website. I’m a traveling photographer. Lets work something out!)

ps. I’m going to do a separate cell phone update. I’ve forgotten to put those photos on my computer!

New Website!

New Website!

Big changes are coming for Fleeting Fox Photography, and part of that is a brand spankin’ new website! It’s not quite ready yet, but it’s looking fabulous and will be ready to launch SOON!

Which means…changes for this blog are coming too! Don’t worry, this will still be here. But I don’t want to give it all away, so be patient :]

Dates are still open for sessions.
Know someone getting married? Send them my way!
Know someone having a baby? Send them to me!

Have such a wonderful Wednesday!


For lack of a better title!

I apologize for the lack of updates lately friends!

You see, the world of photography has been a little slow these past couple of weeks. I do, however, have a few photo sessions scheduled for after Christmas. One maternity session, one engagement session, and another infant session. I’m SUPER stoked. 

I’ve been fairly busy though. 

{and expect holiday baking pictures this weekend!}

Now, lets get to what I really wanted to write to you about today. 

I thought to myself; “hey, you’ve posted a lot of your work for the lovely people to see, but you’ve not spent much time talking about who you are as a person and what makes you tick.”

So I want to share a little bit about who I am with you. Ready? 

Hi, my name is Courtney. 

I was born and raised in the second biggest city in Indiana and have lived there for pretty much my whole life. Give or take a few years in another city (but who’s counting right?). I’m a full time lead teacher for one year olds even though all the kids in my classroom are 2. It’s a busy job. But I very much enjoy it and have been for almost 5 years now. (Which reminds me, I’m 24 years old).  

My biggest passion in life is photography. I discovered it on accident one day by tilting my little point and shoot camera ever so slightly and falling i n l o v e with how the photo looked once I uploaded it onto my computer. After that, I took tons and tons of pictures of landscapes and flowers and objects that didn’t move very much. One day, I decided I should practice taking pictures of people if I wanted to become a photographer one day. I called up my longest high school friend Kari and asked her to model for me. After that, I took photography more seriously and practiced and practiced. Now, 5 years later, my little hobby is still my #1 passion and dream job. 

I’m the oldest of my siblings; I have two brothers ( yes, I’m sorry for me too!), and my parents are still happily married (20 something years now). We’re all so very different. I’m the artsy one, the middle kid is going to be a lawyer, and the youngest right now is obsessed with space. Out of everyone in my family, I’m the only that doesn’t play video games like it’s my job. (Hey, everyone has to have a hobby….it’s just not mine!)  They’re crazy people, but I love them very much. 

Photography isn’t the only thing that I love. Let me compile a little list (which I LOVE to make) to give you a better insight on the things that draw my attention and make me who I am. 


Big hair. Ombre. 24. Mountains. New York. flannel. cacti. neon. trees. adventure. gold. ferns. black. deer. coffee. tea. roadtrips. Polaroid. white. wood. fox. wine. aviators. cities. breweries & wineries. stainless steel. music. leather. cotton candy. art. bonfires. gray. edgy. rock candy. studs. faux fur. brick. artichokes. weddings. interior decorating. antlers. plants. terrariums. festivals. fog. faux taxidermy. s’mores. broadway. mesh. Michigan. beer pong. bicycles. Halloween. parties. boots. dresses&skirts. coffee shops. forever 21. breakfast. kitchen queen. downtown. Andy Warhol. graffiti. animals. words. bubble tea. sheer. banjo. donuts. glitter. NYC. geometric shapes. feathers. tights. gym. crafting. modern. IPhone. nature. water falls. back packs. zoos&aquariums. museums. lists. books. Notre Dame. friends. early mornings and late nights. apartments. social gatherings. popcorn. retro. restaurants. Pinterest. Etsy. fashion. dark chocolate. greek yogurt. heels&wedges. malls. film photography. studs. concerts. going to the movies. wildflowers. gardens. cats&dogs. pens. notebooks. day dreaming. the future. cities. parks. everyday life. laughter. smiling. photobooths. sushi. chipotle. ——————————-> and so much more. 


As silly as this sounds, if you have questions to ask me, seriously, go for it. I love meeting and talking to new people! It makes life worthwhile. 

For now I’m going to take off. Maybe pin some things on pinterest for a bit before laying out my game plan for baking tomorrow! 

Have a wonderful night!




(this is the most recent picture of me)