{Isaac & Harrison}

Now, I’ve captured moments with both of these boys separately before.

And well–since I purchased some new props, I wanted to test them out.

I asked mom, and she was MORE than happy to let me take pictures of her boys.

So we went to a local farm and captured away. Seriously. They’re just so adorable.

How can you not love them?!





Newborn Session {Harrison!}

You might not remember back to this last fall, but I took pictures of Isaac and his little family before he turned three…AND to announce that they were expecting their second. 

Isaac is a ball of energy and so incredibly smart. You nearly use up two days worth of energy in just a couple of hours to get through a shoot with him, but honestly? I LOVE the conversations I have with him. He’s adorable. His parents are adorable and the sweetest. And now his brother is 100% as adorable as they all are!

Introducing: Harrison!

I’m hoping he’s just as energetic and amazing as his big brother. 

Go to my website to see more photos!



A little bit of…FAMILY!

This summer has been the busiest I’ve  e v e r  been with photo work. Which is absolutely FANTABULOUS! I couldn’t be more thrilled with all the people I’ve been given the chance to work with and capture a little bit of their life forever. One of those sessions was an adorable little family. A referral from a client I was going to soon be working with. 

So, we went downtown… 

{which, we witnessed a HUGE accident just outside the botanical conservatory. holy moly}


Avery & Jackson

So, I worked for a daycare for almost 5 years before I quit {very recently} to work at another one…in those 5 years, I’ve come to know some of THE BEST families and children I’ve ever been given the chance to meet. 

I had little Avery when she was 1 year old. 

& she was ALWAYS my little girl. Always wanted me over my co-teacher. Always wanted to cuddle with me and give me random kisses. 

Cute right?

Well, she keeps getting cuter. And her brother is soooooo handsome already! 

These two kids have some of the best parents ever. They’re just wonderful people, and I’m incredibly blessed to get to have them in my life! Not to mention those two little angles. They’ve changed my heart forever. 

Since it was such a beautiful evening to take photos, I thought I’d share with you a little preview!



Straub Maternity Preview! {Plus a little something to read!}

Hey ya’ll!

{like that? My summers always seem to revolve around country music. I don’t even live in the country!}  -> and I want you to know that this is the THIRD TIME I’ve written this. I don’t know what button I’ve been pushing, but it deletes my post every single stinking time!

One of my favorite things about having a photography business is all the wonderful people that I get to meet. Seriously. I say this all the time, I know. But I can never get over it. Ask AJ. After every session I come home and tell him what happened during the shoot whether he wants to hear about it or not. It’s just a wonderful feeling. 

I just recently gotten the opportunity to photograph Corrine’s maternity session with her husband…I know Corinne through the dermatologists office that I go to to get my hair zapped. {I’m not perfect…and I have SUPER DARK hair. So I get my upper lip and chin zapped with a heat laser to reduce the growth and ultimately stop it. AND IT WORKS. My mom gets the same thing done too. Like mother like daughter I suppose!} And I just fell in love with how wonderful they are. Her husband is awesome, and she’s ALWAYS been so awesome and so stunning it’s just not fair. They’re going to be AWESOME parents, and I can’t wait for their little girl to be born. I’m taking pictures of her too :]


{Now for something completely different}

I wanted to say a little something to all my wonderful readers. First of all, THANK YOU for reading and following my blog/photography. It means a lot to me. A lot a lot. And I want to extend an idea out to all of you…I’m not completely tied down to doing photography in Fort Wayne Indiana. {I can travel!} If you wanted to do a session with me, advertise my work on your facebook, your email, or workplace, your mommy groups, however you want to do it. I would be more than happy to travel to where you are to take photos for you! I just need to schedule multiple sessions a day (or two days worth) so that I can compensate for the gas that I’l be using (depending on where you are). 

I photograph weddings too! Know someone getting married? I think this year, we ALL know someone who’s getting married. I have three weddings to shoot starting in July! If you know someone who’s hunting for a reasonable photographer, by all means, send them to my blog to take a peek at my work. After July I’ll have more examples of my wedding photography to view. I’m not asking you to definitely book me, but at least show them so they can have another option. Photographers are expensive. I specifically priced my sessions the way I do because of how expensive photographers are, and I don’t think it’s fair with all the unemployment. 

{I LOVE shooting weddings. They’re my favorite}

Now, how about some maternity previews?



Lily’s 9 months….part I!

You’ve seen the pictures of Lily. 

I know you have. 

She’s cute right? 

Mom and I tried and tried and tried to get her to smile for her 9 month pictures…but this girl just wasn’t budging most of the time, so now we have to schedule a second session in hope to finish them! 

But I thought I’d share (and because Tammy is dying to see them!) what I have from the first session with you! Enjoy :]



Giant S’mores Cookies?


I couldn’t love pinterest anymore than I do for these cookies. Seriously, TOO GOOD.

Not to mention, they’re giant. They’re rich. So delicious.

The entire time I was making them, I kept laughing and crying out “HOLY JEEBUS!”. Before you bake them, they’re literally cookie bricks sitting on your pan. Slightly nerve-wracking and overwhelming.

Chocolate chip cookie + s’mores. A match made in desert heaven.

And they’re too good to make just once.

You can’t eat a whole one, let alone half of one  in one sitting, but you simply can’t make them just once.

If you’re prone to drooling, beware. Set up a paper towel or napkin under your chin when you look at these next photos. They’re pretty dangerous.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLast but not least, here’s a photo demonstrating the size of these delectable monsters. I apologize for the terrible photo of myself in advance, but seriously. Just LOOK at these things!