Lee & Eric {wedding}

I was honored when I took these two’s engagement photos to be asked to shoot their wedding as well. 

& I’m SO GLAD that they asked me to. 

The 6 hour drive to State College Pennsylvania was so worth it. 



Eli part TWO!

While Eli was very unhappy for the first session, we scheduled a second session literally a week later. There were things that Nickol REALLY wanted to do that we didn’t get to do the first time…and I thought just 500 photos of this little guy wasn’t nearly enough. 

So we went to Buckner Park. 

And a whole lot of cute happened. 

ImageImageImageImageImageBelieve me, there’s more. 

But that’s all I’ll give you :]


Eli’s Infant session part 1




Am I excited? HECK YES I AM! Both mommy and baby are doing fabulously. Currently, he’s a month old…these pictures? A week. 

During the session the poor guy was just not having it. So we had to schedule a second session so I could get everything in that I wanted in. 

But seriously, he’s so cute. ImageImageImage ImageImage

Arianna is 2!



You may or may not remember this little gem…but she finally turned 2! 

She’s also getting SO BIG. 

Seriously, it makes me sad. But this is what happens when you get to be part of a childs life at such a young age…they grow up, too quickly. I do know one thing for sure, she’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL little girl. She already is. 




Lack of absence?

First of all, I want to apologize to ALL OF YOU for not keeping up to date the past couple of months. 

A lot of things happened. 

Some good, some bad. 

& I’ve been really super busy. I still am, but a little less so at the current moment in time. 

I won’t go into detail about what all has happened, but I can confirm that this has been the busiest summer BY FAR with photo work. Words can’t describe how incredibly excited I am about all of this. It’s been such a wonderful summer and it’s not even over yet! 

For future sessions, I promise I won’t let months go before I post a preview…things just kind of got out of hand there for a little while! But everything is good now, and wonderful things are on the horizon, posts will be regular and frequent. Don’t you fret :]